myofascial treatment

why a Fascia Therapy? 

Do you have neck or back pain?
Are your muscles stiff or tight?

Movement keeps your body and the connective tissue flexible, right?
If you don't move or do only unilateral movements, then the trophic metabolism is disturbed and the fascia loses its efficiency and fibroticizes (or 'glues'). Hardening of the fascia can also be caused by overexertion, injuries, hyperacidity, relieving posture and ongoing stress.

Lymphatic congestion occurs, the transport of fibrinogen (the blood clotting factor glycoprotein) is disrupted and then convert to fibrin (an endogenous glue) the surrounding fascial tissue stick together and caus pain.

We can support you:

Through targeted myofascial massages and fascia techniques, the tissue can be massaged and strengthened again. The loosening of stuck fascia alleviates the symptoms after just a few treatments.

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About me

In my early thirties I began to deal more intensively with all kinds of health issues. Fascinated by this topic, i changed my career in 2012 and became an enthusiastic medical and therapeutic masseur.

Among others, i was allowed to work with Christian Wallisch in Vienna for a few years and now am working as a therapist in Austria.

Heinz G. Huber
Massage therapist and fascia therapist

all about Fascia

The Myofascial Lines

Fascia, is a system of connective tissue and has a larger impact on health and wellbeing than was previously known. Every connective tissue, no matter if it's a flat tissue or a tendon - everything that separates, transmits power and gives shape to the body and muscles is fascia.

The therapist try to find out in which line is the cause of the pain.

What can you do?

Regular fascia stretching and targeted fascia training will make the fascia tissue more flexible and mobile again! It takes some time (6 to 12 months) for the body to regenerate completely the collagen in the fascia.

Long term, you should make sure you exercise enough so that the fascia does not stick together again!


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